Out there.

Out there.

This is the 35mm Book Project mentioned in the previous post. All photos shot on a Canon FTb 35mm single-lens reflex camera in 1972 by my dad. I scanned selected film in and did minor re-touching on the photos to compile this publication. 

These are 35mm Slides my dad took in 1972. I scanned them in and did minor retouching for a book project.

A few photos I took at Generationals & Brass Bed last night in Milwaukee for FPT

Everything Inbetween

I wanted to take a moment to point out that the content on my (Everything Inbetween) tumblr page is to highlight various happenings from photo’s to fine art that may not necessarily have a place on my professional portfolio.   I produce a fair amount of work using different mediums and a considerable amount falls through the cracks from time to time. This allows me to showcase various work or works in progress, etc.